Wanda Ferraton, who is of white ethnicity and follows the Christian religion, was born in 1970 in Saskatchewan, Canada. With a career as a professional stuntwoman, she has gained expertise in performing stunts. She is currently 52 years old. Meanwhile, her husband, Bill Goldberg, is an American former football player, professional wrestler, and actor.

Wanda Ferraton: Physical Stats!

Wanda Ferraton is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and has a weight of approximately 132 lbs or 60 kg. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches, with a bra size of 32B, dress size of 4 (US), and shoe size of 7 (US). She has beautiful dark brown eyes and classic black hair, and interestingly, she has no tattoos on her body. Wanda is devoted to maintaining her fitness and figure and puts a great deal of effort into staying in shape.

Wanda Ferraton: Childhood, Family Life, and More!

Wanda Ferraton comes from a loving family of seven who lived in the well-known Canadian province of Saskatchewan. She has four siblings and was the second youngest among them. Wanda received her education in her hometown and was regarded as a good student by her teachers.

As a young athlete during her childhood, Wanda excelled in various competitions. She met her future husband, Bill Goldberg, on the set of the film Santa’s Slay, and the couple decided to start a family together within just a few months of meeting. In 2005, Wanda and Bill got married, and a year later, they welcomed their only child, a son named Gage A.J. Goldberg.

Wanda feels incredibly fortunate to be married to Bill, who is a caring and kind-hearted partner. Their family of three currently resides in the United States, living in a lavish home adorned with trees and other natural elements. Bill’s brothers, Steve and Mike Goldberg, are doting uncles to A.J., and Wanda’s parents, Allan and Gwen Ferraton, and Bill’s parents, Ethel and Jed Goldberg, are loving and supportive grandparents. Despite their wealth, the family remains humble and down-to-earth in their daily lives.

Wanda Ferraton: Professional Career!

From 2000 to 2007, Wanda Ferraton worked as a professional stunt actress, performing at the highest level of difficulty. She made her debut as a stuntwoman in the movie The Unsaid in 2001, earning praise from the film’s director, Tom McLoughlin. This recognition led to more significant opportunities, and in the same year, she worked on another movie, Speaking of Sex.

In 2002, Wanda was offered another substantial role in the movie Ararat. However, it was her work in the 2005 film Santa’s Slay that proved to be life-changing, as it was on the set of this film that she met her future husband, Bill Goldberg. Wanda has since appeared in many other well-known movies and TV shows, but with her relationship with Bill, she eventually decided to transition away from her work as a stunt actress.

Nowadays, her focus is primarily on providing her son with a happy and stable life, and she is often seen supporting Bill when he makes appearances as a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans.

Wanda Ferraton: Net Worth!

Wanda Ferraton is a wealthy individual with a current net worth of $1 million in US dollars. Her primary source of income came from her work as a stunt double actress and other related projects.

Wanda Ferraton’s: Social Media

Wanda Ferraton has a social media following of 10.2k on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with a preference for using Instagram regularly. She enjoys sharing glimpses of her family life with her followers and keeping them updated through her social media accounts.

Ferraton’s: Husband Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg, a well-known professional wrestler, is often regarded as one of the greatest performers of all time in the world of wrestling. Throughout his career, he has achieved many significant accomplishments as a performer for both WCW and WWE, solidifying his status as a true wrestling legend.

For wrestling enthusiasts, Bill Goldberg is often considered the epitome of the perfect wrestler, making him a topic of discussion even when he wasn’t actively wrestling between 2005 and 2015. His fans could only see him through video games and the occasional highlight reel, making his return to WWE in 2015 an event that had a significant impact worldwide. Since then, he has continued to make appearances, bringing in a lot of revenue and fulfilling his dream of having his son join him in the ring, which was one of the major reasons behind his comeback.

Wanda Ferraton Hobbies

Wanda Ferraton enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, cooking for them, socializing, and reading books. She has a particular interest in action movies, and she is a big fan of Tom Cruise. Her favorite colors are pink and red, and she enjoys drinking wine but isn’t fond of beer or smoking.

Wanda is also an avid American Football fan and enjoys watching NFL games. She has a diverse palate and appreciates a variety of cuisines, including American, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese. Above all, spending time with her son is her favorite pastime.

In her free time, Wanda enjoys horseback riding and indulging in her favorite food – pizza.

When and how did Goldberg and Wanda meet?

Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton first met on the set of the movie Santa’s Slay (2005) where Bill played the lead role. After getting to know each other, they began dating and eventually got married in the same year. Despite the quick timeline, it’s clear that they took the time to develop a strong connection before getting married, which is a testament to their commitment to each other. Their story is a beautiful example of how two people can meet and fall in love, even in the fast-paced world of celebrity relationships.

Stunt Performance

Prior to marrying Bill Goldberg in 2005, Wanda Ferraton worked as a stunt performer in several productions including Texas Rangers (2001), Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004), and Caught in the Headlights (2005). Although some of these productions were lesser-known, Wanda’s passion for acting drove her to pursue roles in movies and even perform stunts. Her dedication to her career before meeting Bill and starting a new chapter in her life highlights her hard work and perseverance. Additionally, Wanda has worked in other lesser-known movies, further showcasing her commitment to her craft.

Love Life And Marriage With Bill Goldberg

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton first met while she was working on the set of Santa’s Slay in 2004. The movie was released in 2005 and featured a role for Goldberg. This was the beginning of their relationship, leading to their marriage in 2005, the birth of their son, and a happy life together. Their story is a testament to the power of love and stability, and Goldberg has become an example for other WWE couples.

Clothing Brand

Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton run a clothing brand called “Bill Goldberg” which sells a variety of items such as hats, t-shirts, and water bottles, all featuring the name “Bill”. The popularity of Bill Goldberg has contributed to the success of their online store/website, providing them with another means of income. Wanda is the driving force behind the brand.

Quick Summary

Wanda Ferraton is content with her life. She played a significant role in Goldberg’s decision to take a ten-year break from wrestling to focus on being a good husband and father. She was also the reason behind his comeback in the mid-2010s. Wanda values supporting her husband and imparting the meaning of life to her son. Her selflessness and purity of spirit have made her a sort of celebrity, but she prefers to live a quiet life.


Wanda Ferraton is a devoted homemaker who played a significant role in motivating Bill Goldberg to make a comeback in the mid-2010s so that their son could witness his father’s greatness and have a better life. Her unwavering support for her family is a testament to her dedication and love for them.

Facts About Wanda Ferraton

Wanda Ferraton worked as a stunt performer prior to her marriage to Bill Goldberg in 2005. As a teenager, she had aspirations to become an actress. Ferraton prefers to stay out of the spotlight and is content to be a supportive presence in her husband’s professional career. She is a passionate fan of the NFL and follows the sport closely. Although she was not a big fan of WWE prior to meeting Goldberg, she now rarely misses a show. Ferraton enjoys a close relationship with Stephanie McMahon, a key figure in the WWE. During her school days, she used to sing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Wanda Ferraton?

Wanda Ferraton is a former stunt performer and the wife of retired professional wrestler Bill Goldberg.

When did Wanda Ferraton marry Bill Goldberg?

Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg got married in 2005.

What is Wanda Ferraton’s profession?

Wanda Ferraton used to work as a stunt performer in the film industry before she got married to Bill Goldberg.

What kind of movies did Wanda Ferraton work on?

Wanda Ferraton worked on some lesser-known movies and television series, such as Texas Rangers (2001), Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) and Caught in the Headlights (2005).

Does Wanda Ferraton have any children?

Yes, Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg have one son named Gage.

What is the name of the clothing brand owned by Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton?

The clothing brand owned by Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton is called “Bill Goldberg”. They sell a variety of merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, bottles, and other accessories.

What kind of sports does Wanda Ferraton enjoy?

Wanda Ferraton is a fan of American Football, also known as NFL.

Does Wanda Ferraton enjoy watching WWE?

Wanda Ferraton did not have an interest in WWE before meeting Bill Goldberg. However, she has since become a fan and does not miss many shows.

What are Wanda Ferraton’s hobbies?

Wanda Ferraton enjoys spending time with her family, cooking meals, reading books, riding horses, and eating pizza.

Does Wanda Ferraton like to stay out of the limelight?

Yes, Wanda Ferraton is known to prefer a private life and staying out of the public eye as much as possible.

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