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Tiril Eckhoff is a renowned biathlete from Norway who has made a name for herself in the sport with her impressive performances. Born on May 21, 1990, in Norway, Tiril Eckhoff is the daughter of a biathlete StianEckhoff. She was brought up in a stable family in Baerum, Norway, received a primary education there, and went on to study engineering at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Tiril Eckhoff Biography:

Tiril Eckhoff was born on May 21, 1990, in Norway, to StianEckhoff, a biathlete. Growing up, she was interested in sports and academics and excelled in both. Tiril Eckhoff had a stable family upbringing in Baerum, Norway. She received a primary education there and excelled in both academics and sports. Tiril went on to study engineering at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.

Tiril Eckhoff Physical Stats:

Tiril Eckhoff is a skilled athlete with a height of 5ft 4in and a weight of 58-60 kg. Her body measurements are 34-26-34, and her bra size is 32C. She wears a US shoe size 7. Tiril has a modern background and loves tattoos.


For Tiril Eckhoff, her birthdate, May 21, 1990, adds up to 23, which is considered a significant number in numerology. People with this number are said to be creative, independent, and adaptable. They are also known for their strong will and determination, which may have helped Tiril in her career as a biathlete. Additionally, the number 23 is associated with success and achievement, which could also be relevant to Tiril’s accomplishments on the world stage.

Tiril Eckhoff Zodiac Signs:

Tiril Eckhoff was born on May 21, which makes her a Gemini known for their adaptability, intelligence, and communication skills. They are also said to be curious and enjoy learning new things, which could have contributed to Tiril’s success in the biathlon. Additionally, Geminis are known for their quick wit and sense of humor, which could also be relevant to Tiril’s personality. Overall, Tiril’s zodiac sign may have played a role in shaping her as a person and athlete, but her hard work and dedication have undoubtedly been the primary factors behind her success.

Tiril Eckhoff Family:

Tiril Eckhoff’s mother is ElinKampenhaug, and her father is Knut Eckhoff. Her brother is also a Norwegian biathlete, while her sister KajaEckhoff is involved in winter sports but has not taken a deep ride of consistency.

Tiril Eckhoff Husband:

Tiril Eckhoff is currently in a relationship with Anund Lid Byggland. The couple met through their shared love for winter sports and have been together for some time. They have not publicly disclosed their plans to get married.

Tiril Eckhoff Hobbies:

Tiril Eckhoff has a range of hobbies and interests, including picnics, shopping, reading books, and swimming. She is also a football fan, with the English club Manchester United being her favorite team. Tiril loves the colors pink, blue, and black and is a foodie. Apart from biathlon, her family is also an essential part of her life.

Tiril Eckhoff Professional Career:

TirilEckhof is a professional biathlete from Norway who was born on May 21, 1990. She began her career in biathlon at the age of 16 and has since become one of the top competitors in the sport. Tiril Eckhoff made her Winter Olympics debut in 2014, back in Sochi (Russia), winning the Gold medal. This was a defining moment in her career, and she went on to win more medals in the sport. Eckhof has won numerous medals in major competitions, including two gold medals at the 2019 World Championships and a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. She has also won multiple World Cup races and has consistently ranked among the top biathletes in the world.

Tiril Eckhoff Political Views:

Tiril Eckhoff is a Norwegian by ethnicity and has not publicly disclosed her religion or political views.

Tiril Eckhoff Social Media:

Tiril Eckhoff is active on social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. She has 254k followers on Instagram, where she often shares updates on her personal and professional life and pictures of her travels, training, and competitions. Tiril also uses Facebook to connect with her fans and share updates.

Tiril Eckhoff partner Anund Lid Byggland

Anund Lid Byggland is Tiril Eckhoff’s partner, and the couple met through their shared love for winter sports. Anund is a Norwegian cross-country skier and has also competed at the international level. The couple has been together for some time and often shares pictures of their travels and adventures on social media.

Tiril Eckhoff Net Worth:

Tiril Eckhoff has a net worth of $5 million, which she has earned through her successful career in biathlon.


How did Tiril Eckhoff start her career?

Tiril Eckhoff started her career with Winter Olympics debut in 2014, back in Sochi (Russia), winning the Gold medal.

Has Tiril Eckhoff won any gold medals at the Biathlon World Championships?

Yes, Tiril Eckhoff has won two gold medals at the Biathlon World Championships in Oslo, both in the relay and the 7.5 sprints.

Who is Tiril Eckhoff’s partner?

Tiril Eckhoff’s partner is Anund Lid Byggland, a Norwegian cross-country skier.

What are Tiril Eckhoff’s hobbies?

Tiril Eckhoff’s hobbies include a picnic, shopping, reading books, swimming, and football.

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