Helena Seger, a Swede with much talent and energy, has risen to the top in her field and achieved phenomenal success. Helena is most known as the girlfriend of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden’s most famous footballer. Ibrahimovic is a highly regarded striker for Manchester United, a prestigious English football team. The Swedish beauty, 32 when she met Ibrahimovic, was 11 years older than the soccer star. She has worked in communications, marketing, and finance. When she finished school, she found work in a Swedish corporation.

She went on to build her resume by securing sales and marketing positions at several well-known businesses. She pursued a career in modelling on the strength of her gorgeous appearance, walking the runway for several prestigious designers. While working for a tobacco manufacturing company, Seger began dating Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic’s boys, Maximilian and Vincent, have her as their biological mother. In terms of personality, Helena scores high on the sociability scale. She also enjoys weightlifting frequently to maintain her fitness and figure. She enjoys whipping up tasty meals for herself and her loved ones in her spare time.

Early Life and Childhood

Helena Seger came into the world on August 25, 1970, in the Lindesberg Municipality of Orebro County. Karin is her sister, and Henrik is her brother.

Soon after graduating from college, she enrolled in a graduate economics program. She started her groundbreaking career right after finishing graduate school, holding positions of increasing responsibility for various Swedish corporations and multinational firms.


• In 1983, when she was 13 years old, she got her first job at the Swedish company Gul & Bl.
• She spent three years at “Bonner” marketing the company’s wares as a sales representative. She was also a two-year marketing and sales rep for Corona and Hooch. There was a time when she was a bartender.
• Her stunning good looks landed her modeling jobs, where she strutted her stuff down the runway for several well-known designers. Moreover, she has been rumored to have appeared in cameos in a few films.
• During these breaks between jobs, Helena decided to further her education by enrolling in fabric embroidery and pattern creation classes. In 1998, she began working for Swedish Match, and when that company was sold, she could find work with Austria Tabak.
• She worked in the tobacco industry and went to school for marketing while she learned to manage brands and communicate effectively. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the man she eventually settled down with, and she met him in 2002 while working in the cigarette industry.

Personal Life:

• Helena moved to Italy with her partner Ibrahimovic in 2005, leaving her job at FlyMe. Helena and Zlatan became parents for the first time in 2006 to a son they called Maximilian and again in 2008 to a son they named Vincent.
• Helena and Ibrahimovic and their two sons reside in Paris. There is also a bulldog in the household, whose name is Trustor. Helena was rumored to be considering a move back to Italy after the couple established themselves in Paris.
• Helena Seger was convinced her family could improve their living standards by moving to Italy. The Beckhams were speculated to follow David and Victoria’s example and make the move to the United States.
• Seger is a man who knows how to have fun. She frequently takes time away from her regular employment and professional obligations to pursue her passions.
• Helena is also an accomplished gourmet who enjoys whipping up a feast for her loved ones. Yet, her greatest interest is following Zlatan as he tours Europe, visits the continent’s revered soccer stadiums, and plays arenas.
• Over the globe, Helena and Zlatan are recognized as savvy real estate speculators. The couple is selling a house in Malmo that they purchased several years ago and remodeled significantly.

Net worth of Helena Seger:

Money was one of the first tangible perks of her dual careers as a model and entrepreneur. Helena has a substantial six-figure wealth. Seger’s wages and net worth remain a mystery, but her partners are not. Furthermore, Zlatan amassed an incredible $190 million net fortune in his nearly two-decade-long career.

Similarly, he earned his riches by playing for some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs, including Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, and Manchester United. Zlatan earned a cool $16 million through his moves from Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Barça.

The acrobatic striker made a stunning $15 million in a transfer agreement to AC Milan and another $14.5 million in total pay from his move to Ligue 1 side PSG. However, the Swedish billionaire gained an additional $19.7 million to his fortune in 2013.Zlatan made around $60 million between 2014 and 2015 due to endorsement deals with several brands. Considering how marketable the striker is, you can see why he’s getting paid so much.

Social media appearances:

Helena does not like to discuss her personal life with anyone. This is why she doesn’t use Twitter or Instagram.

Quick Know About Helena Seger

Born: 25 August 1970 (age 52 years), Lindesberg, Sweden
Height: 1.65 m
Children: Maximilian Ibrahimović, Vincent Ibrahimović
Partner: Zlatan Ibrahimović
Siblings: Karin Seger, Henrik Seger
Nationality: Swedish
Parents: Ingemar Seger, Margareta Seger


How did Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger first meet?

According to an interview, Helena said she and Zlatan first met after he improperly parked his Ferrari in Malmo. He did it so that her Mercedes couldn’t drive away.

Who is Zlatan’s wife?

Helena Seger is the lucky lady who married Zlatan. She has a degree in economics and is also a successful businesswoman and fashion model.

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