As the daughter of football great Michael Owen, British dressage rider and company owner Gemma Owen catapulted to stardom. She competes for Great Britain on the world circuit, as reported on social media. A native of Chester, United Kingdom, Gemma Owen was born there. When the year 2023 rolls around, Gemma Owen will have turned 20. Read on for additional information about Gemma Owen.

About Of Gemma Owen:

Reality TV celebrity, equestrian, and media personality Gemma Owen is the daughter of former English football player Michael Owen and his wife, Louise Bonsall. On the other side, Gemma competes for Great Britain at international levels in dressage. This pairing is effective at grabbing attention, but it’s not like Gemma had a soft landing to become a household name in the UK and beyond; she was the one who made the biggest splash. Her participation in the eighth season of the reality show Love Island made her a household name around the globe.

She has become a household celebrity thanks to her wealth and the fact that she can afford to live a lavish lifestyle without worrying about money. Gemma’s fame for everything she does, from her impeccable style to her unique design flair, makes her so content and productive.

The early life of Gemma Owen:

Reality TV actress, entrepreneur, model, and social media influencer Gemma Owen is also the daughter of a legendary English football player. She entered the world on May 1, 2003, at the Accident and Emergency Department of the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, United Kingdom. She is a young lady 19 years of age as of the beginning of 2023. As of May 1, Gemma will be a Taurus. Gemma’s nationality is the same as that of her renowned father, the United Kingdom. She was raised in a wealthy home alongside her three siblings, Jessica Owen, Emily May Owen, and James Michael Owen, by her attractive mother and famous father. As a result, she never experienced isolation as a child.

Family member of Gemma Owen:

She comes from a long line of great ancestors, which is truly a blessing. Her father is Michael Owen, a legendary football player and current sports commentator. Her mom is named Louise Bonsall. Many people use the name, Louise Owen. This couple tied the knot in 2005, two years after the birth of their daughter Gemma. Emily May Owen, Jessica Owen, and James Michael Owen, her three younger siblings, are all great names. She counts two sisters and a brother among her many good fortunes. Being the oldest of four children, she witnessed her father’s entire professional football career. Emma had a wonderful childhood, spending time in both Sunderland and Manchester, thanks to her father being a professional soccer player for Newcastle United FC and Manchester United.

Height & Weight of Gemma Owen:

Celebrity model Gemma Owen is stunning, 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She is a modern fitness fanatic who maintains a healthy weight of 56 kg. To Gemma, her dark brown eyes and hair are a source of great pride. She also frequently dyes her hair and wears contact lenses to alter her eye color.

The career of Gemma Owen:

It has been determined that she is a professional dressage rider. Additionally, she has participated in tournaments on a global scale. She has a dedicated Instagram page for her dressage photos and videos. Gemma has another job, though, as a model. She has also modeled her swimwear line on the runway. A variety of things she endorses are shared across her many social media accounts. Gemma Owen can do a little bit of everything. Michael Owen’s daughter is a multi-hyphenate phenomenon: she is famous in her own right, has a successful business, rides horses, and models. She did begin her career when she was only 19 years old. She first checked into the Love Island villa on June 6, 2022, and was there until the very end, on August 1, 2022. Although she had begun working long earlier, her big break truly established her as Gemma Owen and not only Michael Owen’s daughter. She has achieved unprecedented levels of fame in Britain and beyond. She became famous to further her career goal of becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur. Gemma is determined to make a difference and constantly tries new things. That makes her dad and other relatives very happy.

The combination of Gemma Owen’s modeling and horse-riding careers is something few people have ever seen. She competes for Great Britain on the international stage as a member of the dressage riding team. European Championships 2021 is the year she competed in. She began her equestrian career at an early age. She has a penchant for modeling on top of her love for the sport, and if she hadn’t gone on Love Island, one might have seen her winning championships for England. She is a model and equestrian and enjoys combining the two into her daily routine. From a career standpoint, she says it was the best choice she ever made.

Gemma Owen Boyfriend, Affairs:

She had dated before meeting Luca Bish on Love Island, but not to the extent of recognition she now enjoys. In front of the UK public and show lovers worldwide, they fell in love in the summer of 2022. When a major footballer’s child entered the program for the first time in 2022, it made the family famous and allowed them to place second.

After their breakup in January 2023, Gemma Owen began dating the popular Grime artist Bugzy Malone. Worldwide, it made enormous news. In December 2022, she told the Daily Mail that she has “no regrets” about ending things with her reality TV partner, prompting many to believe that their romance was staged. Recently, she has been linked to another well-known figure, Bugzy Malone.

Gemma Owen’s Husband:

She has yet to set a certain timeline for getting married. Gemma dates and hangs out with hot men, but she still needs to tie the knot. Her romance with Luca Bish was the most publicized in her life. While filming Love Island UK 2022, they fell in love with one another. They met in the summer of 2022, fell in love, and broke up a few months later. This time, it’s because Gemma is seen with Bugzy Malone. In January of 2023, the media began reporting on the incident. Since they are both well-known, the news naturally made waves across the web and social media.

The net worth of Gemma Owen:

As of the year 2023, it is predicted that Gemma Owen will have amassed a net worth of $1 Million. Her success as a dressage rider and businesswoman has been the primary source of her fortune. She makes several thousand dollars a year. The money she receives from endorsement deals and brand promotion is also substantial. She has since graduated to the lap of luxury.

Social Media influencer:

She sent two general-purpose associations in rapid succession after becoming vaguely aware of the eyes that would turn her on once the show had gone around. She launched OG Promotions, a media agency she founded in May 2022. She may be found on Instagram at @gemowen 1, where she has amassed over 134K followers.

Quick Know About Gemma Owen

Born: 1 May 2003 (age 19 years), Countess of Chester Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, Chester, United Kingdom
Aunts: Lesley Partridge, Karen Owen
Parents: Michael Owen, Louise Bonsall
Grandparents: Terry Owen, Jeanette Owen
Uncles: Terry Junior, Terry Owen, Jr., Andrew Owen


Question : What is the deal with this Gemma Owen?

Answer : As well as being a successful businesswoman, she is well-known as an international dressage rider and Star kid.

Question : What is Gemma Owen’s net worth?

Answer : One Million Dollars (approx.).

Question : Why is Gemma Owen famous?

Answer : As the daughter of Michael Owen.

Question : Gemma Owen, how old are you?

Answer : Her age is given as 19. (as of 2022).

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